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Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Specialist

Mr. Bates Mandel is a Senior Assessment and Science Education specialist on the Education Consortium for the Advancement of STEM in Egypt (ECASE) project that focuses on developing STEM schools in Egypt.  In this role, he assists in the development of assessment items and the collection and analysis of student test data. Previously, he directed the professional development for the Content arm of the 21st Century Center for Research and Development in Cognition and Science Instruction (Cog Sci Center) where he was involved with 60 middle schools and over 250 teachers. He was also responsible for assistance with the generation of assessment items.  

Mr. Mandel has over 35 years of experience in public education as a central office and school administrator, and a high school science and psychology teacher.  Mr. Mandel is the former Chair of the National High School Psychology Association and a former National High School Teacher of the Year.  He has reviewed the National Science Education Standards, Project 2061 Benchmarks, NAEP Science items, and the Pennsylvania Science Standards. He was a member of the Pennsylvania Assessment Reports and Data Committee where he wrote and reviewed science items on the Science PSSA and Pennsylvania Biology Keystone exam. He also helped write National High School Psychology Standards.   As Assistant Director of Assessment for the School District of Philadelphia, he coordinated the District’s NAEP program and Valued Added Assessment System.  Bates is the former Chair of the National High School Psychology Association.   He is a Certified Professional Developer by the National Staff Development Council and has been an adjunct professor.

MS.ED. University of Pennsylvania , Science Education
B.S. Muhlenberg College, Natural Science (Biology)

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