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The Path to Success

21PSTEM has developed its assessment expertise from the staff’s extensive experience in the both the classroom and in school district administration, including leadership of assessment and curriculum at the district level in both urban and suburban contexts. This is also assisted by our deep familiarity with the current research and cutting edge practice in assessment design and psychometric analysis, including:

  • Formative assessments and the use of misconceptions to facilitate high quality formative data

  • Summative assessments that require deep conceptual understanding and high cognitive demand, building on the foundation laid by the Force Concept Inventory and related assessments.

  • Project-based assessments that make use of the engineering design process and related rubrics

  • The design of assessments for an IES-funded cognitive science center and multi-district randomized control trial.

  • The design of assessments for curriculum-based exams tied to learning outcomes in Egyptian STEM schools.

  • The design of multiple choice Tests of Concepts exams for Egyptian STEM Schools, as a replacement for the traditional required university entrance exam.

  • The application of cognitive interviews and current psychometric analysis (e.g., Rasch) to pilot and revise assessments developed for various projects.

21PSTEM staff who have this experience can work with your team at any level, from a single school to an entire country, including cooperating with researchers, to assess currently deployed assessments, develop new assessment frameworks and/or assessments, pilot and revise assessments, administer the assessments, analyze the data, and develop reporting systems and structures for feedback at all levels.

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