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Teacher Shortages in the Mississippi Delta: An Analysis of the Breadth, Contributing Factors, and Potential Solutions 

May 2017

The Walton Family Foundation commissioned this study of teacher shortages in the lower Mississippi River Delta region of Arkansas and Mississippi, to enumerate their scope and dimensions, identify underlying causes, and develop recommendations to better track, understand, and mitigate future teacher shortages. The Foundation provided the following questions which guided our research:  

  1. Current supply and demand: What is the trend of demand for teachers, the supply of those teachers, and the effectiveness of the teachers employed? What does this tell us about the needs of the schools moving forward?  

  2. Recruitment or attrition: What is the primary cause of shortages (if they exist)? What are the social, demographic, and economic trends impacting recruitment and attrition? What are the reasons for the attrition? 

  3. Profile of the counties: Are there certain schools or districts that are experiencing a shortage? What are the demographics of those districts? Are there certain subjects or grades proving to be most difficult to recruit?  

  4. Strong Retention: Are there any schools or districts who are having success recruiting and retaining quality teachers, and what are the practices leading to that success? 

  5. Context: How do findings relate to recent national trends?  

Recommended next steps: What are some of the options based on the research for addressing the issues?  


Principal Investigator: Dr. John Weathers


Dave Taylor

Nancy Burns

Vivian Watt



Fab Foundation

Franklin Institute

Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES)

World Learning

Funding Source: The Walton Family Foundation

Start Date: May, 2017
Duration: 1.5 Years
Total Award: $196,482
Location: Regional (Arkansas & Mississippi)
Fiscal Agent: 21PSTEM
Principal Investigator: Dr. John Weathers
Partners:  Dr. Hsien Yuan Hsu, University of Massachusetts - Lowell 

Dr. Richard Ingersoll, University of Pennsylvania 


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