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Enhancing and Advancing Basic Learning and Education in Bosnia Herzegovina (ENABLE BiH)

April 2017

21PSTEM was brought in by Save the Children North-West Balkans to work on a two-year $1M USAID funded project to provide support for the development of a national K-12 STEM curriculum and teaching standards with various stakeholders from across the country.  USAID describes the project as such:

"Through this project, USAID is helping develop operational teaching curricula for common core STEM proficiencies and create a standardized approach to teacher training, based on best international practices. Interventions are coordinated and owned by relevant BiH institutions and designed to affect systemic change. Interventions are conducted in collaboration with all relevant local and international stakeholders, to promote ownership of and continued support for the educational reforms at all levels. The project includes incentives for beneficiaries (including teachers and schools) who promote inclusive, integrated education efforts."

Home Office

Project Director: Mr. F. Joseph Merlino

Assistant Project Director: Dr. John Baker
STEM Education Consultant: Dr. Rich DiDio

STEM Education Consultant: Dr. David Smith

Pedagogical Expert: Dr. Michele Oswald

STEM Science Curriculum Specialist: Dr. Deborah Pomeroy

STEM Science Curriculum Specialist: Mr. Bates Mandel

STEM Math Curriculum Specialist: Dr. Steven Kramer

STEM Math Curriculum Specialist: Ms. Vivian Loewenstern


Save the Children

Funding Source: National Science Foundation (NSF)

  • Start Date: June 2017

  • Duration: 1 Year

  • Total Award: $263,699.00

  • Fiscal Agent: Save the Children

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