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STEM Teacher Education and School Strengthening Activity (STESSA)

April 2018

STEM Teacher Education and School Strengthening Activity (STESSA) is a seven-year $24 million contract funded by USAID and is an extension of our work with the Egypt STEM Schools. STESSA is two interrelated projects in one. One project is to guide and support the expansion of the the original STEM school model to 27 STEM schools, one in every governorate in Egypt. The parallel project is to support the development of integrated STEM teacher and leadership programs at five public universities, including a four-year undergraduate degree in STEM teaching and post-bacheloreate diplomas in STEM leadership and teaching. 

Home Office

Project Director: Mr. F. Joseph Merlino

Assistant Project Director: Dr. John Baker
Higher Education Lead: Dr. Laurie Mauger
School Strengthening Advisor: Dr. Tyrone Dash II

Programmer: Mr. Tim Flood
Assessment/Curriculum Specialist: Dr. Steve Kramer
Assessment/Curriculum Specialist: Ms. Vivian Loewenstern
Assessment/Curriculum Specialist: Dr. Rich DiDio

Administrative Assistant: Ms. Kylie Doyle

Field Office

Chief of Party: Dr. Reda Abou Serie

Deputy Chief of Party: Ms. Amany Mostafa

Higher Education Technical Expert: Dr. Zeinab El Naggar

School Strengthening Technical Expert: Mr. Youssry Saweris

Higher Education Program Associate: Dr. Amany Abd El Aziz

Higher Education Program Assistant: Ms. Lamiaa Farag

English Language Officer: Ms. Shaimaa Dawood

Finance Manager: Mr. Mohamed Amer

Senior Finance Officer: Mr. Mostafa Mohamed

Procurement Manager: Ms. Nesreen Hussein

Procurement Assistant: Mr. Hatem El Ayatty

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager: Ms. Maha Sabry

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer: Mr. Nabih Shehata

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer: Ms. Eriny Yacoub

IT Specialist: Mr. Abdallah Ahmed

Training and Logistics Specialist: Ms. Jackline Shoukry


Ain Shams Univresity

Assiut University

Arcadia University

California State University, Fresno

California Polytechnic State University 
Center of Science and Industry (CoSI)

Drexel University

Mansoura University

Minya University

Temple University

The Fab Foundation

Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES)

Virginia Tech

World Education

Zagazig University

Funding Source: USAID

  • Start Date: April 2018

  • Duration: 7 Years

  • Total Award: $24.2 Million

  • Fiscal Agent: 21PSTEM

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