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University-level Curriculum and Assessment Specialist

Dr. Laurie Mauger is the University-level Curriculum and Assessment Specialist at 21PSTEM working with the STEM Teacher Education and School Strengthening Activity. She joined the team at 21PSTEM in 2021 after a decade of teaching biology at the university level. She has taught a wide-range of biology courses ranging from general/introductory biology, genetics, and evolution courses to upper-level courses in conservation biology, herpetology, population genetics and evolution. Dr. Mauger’s research interests range from the improvement of STEM education to the conservation and genetics of threatened and endangered populations. Dr. Mauger earned her Ph.D. in biology from Drexel University in 2010 where she researched the conservation/evolutionary genetics of American crocodiles in Costa Rica.


Ph.D., Drexel University, Biology

B.S., Drexel University, Biology

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