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Teacher and Young Student


Principals, Teachers and Administrators

Experienced school administrators are available to guide your district/building level teams to produce the learning environment needed to positively influence student outcome measures. Gained from consulting experience in a variety of settings within the US and in the country of Egypt, 21PSTEM facilitators offer a range of services based upon research associated with the Wallace Foundation on effective principals, Turnaround Schools, adult motivation theory and classroom evaluation. Our team will assist you in analyzing root cause factors and designing customized school improvement plans. We understand system’s dynamics from our collective administrative experience at the central office and building level.

Examples of Services Offered:

Executive Coaching. Trained coaches will work on a one-on-one basis with administrators. Our services range from assisting newly appointed principals develop and facilitate a building plan to experienced administrators seeking guidance to overcome significant barriers at the building and district level.

Teacher Evaluation/Post-observation Conferencing.

Experienced in the majority of classroom observation models (Danielson, MET, Marzano), 21 PSTEM facilitators will work with building administrators to use the observation process to build a climate of reflective practice within the building. Stressed will be post-observation strategies to promote teacher autonomy toward instructional improvement.

Vision Building and Team Development. 

How do building principals use vision strategies to build a culture of motivated, team-centered teachers? Our facilitators will guide building teams through a process aimed at developing a core purpose and common values. The process developed by 21PSTEM facilitators is based upon the theories of Collins & Porras (1994) and Kouzes & Posner (2010).

Using Data to Drive Instructional Decision Making.

Although data driven is a catch-phrase in today’s schools, our facilitators have found that gathering data from benchmark assessments and classroom observations do not always transfer into a viable plan for school improvement. Let us show you how to transform data into a coordinated improvement plan.

Coordinating Central Office and Building Efforts. 

Although on the same team with common goals, has your district experienced a disconnect between central office supervisors and building administrators? Tired of hearing “we are not supported” from building administrators and “we have a job to do ourselves” from the central office? Let 21PSTEM veteran administrators assist your district in bridging the gap. Through an analysis process, our facilitators will help districts develop a mutual support process.

Turnaround Schools. 21PSTEM facilitators will assist schools in immediate of need of improvement. Using research from a variety of sources, facilitators will focus upon introducing school improvement practices, focusing on how to accelerate and increase the impact of these practices. The process further focuses upon removing practices that inhibit school improvement and fail to support effective teaching and learning. While immediate action is required, school culture and teacher involvement remains an integral part of the process.

Custom Designed Programs.

 21PSTEM facilitators will design a leadership program specifically designed to address needs in any number of areas.

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